North Texas Political Leaders React to First Presidential Debate

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Reaction to the first presidential debate is slowly starting to filter in from Texas party leaders.

The Texas Democratic Party held a press briefing shortly after the end of the debate saying they are more energized than ever in their efforts to push for the election of former Vice President Joe Biden. Party representatives called the debate a debacle created by President Donald Trump.

“There was no winner because there was no good sound professional way for these two men to exchange ideas,” Texas House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair Rep. Celia Israel said. “One of them was hellbent on chaos. The loser tonight was the American people and I don’t take pride in saying that.”

While the Texas GOP has yet to make a statement, the National chairwoman took to Twitter overnight to support President Trump.

“For ninety minutes, [President Donald Trump] made a confident, commanding and compelling case for his re-election and took Joe Biden to task for supporting radical policies that would raise taxes, destroy jobs and make our communities less safe,” GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted.  

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