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NBC News Puts Texas in Toss-Up Column in Presidential Race

Texas is a huge prize on election day, with 38 electoral votes

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NBC News has moved Texas into the toss-up category when it comes to the race for President. NBC News Senior Political Editor Mark Murray says the decision reflects polling and aggressive activity on the ground and over the airwaves.

"You're seeing Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential running mate, going to Texas on Friday. We're seeing Democrats spending over the airwaves in Texas and of course the news came out that Michael Bloomberg is going to be injecting millions into the Lone Star State -- you add all that up and it's going to be a really close race in Texas," said Murray. "Now, you know, all things considered I think you have to assume the Republicans still have the advantage in this close contest, but it's close enough that we've moved it into our toss-up column."

Former President Jimmy Carter is the last President who won Texas. But this time around, Democrats have high hopes for Former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The lone star state has a shot of becoming blue again,” said Former Vice President Joe Biden in an exclusive interview with NBC 5.

The Trump campaign, sees things much differently.

“The President loves Texas. We have had rallies in Texas and he has visited Texas many times as President. As we head down to the wire, Texas is not a battleground state. Texas is Trump country,” said Tim Murtaugh, communications director for Trump's reelection campaign.

And then there is how all of this affects down ballot races. Outside of Dallas County, Former Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Neerman believes republicans will be fine.

“I think that President Trump's numbers are baked into the equation already, and I think that he helps as much as he hurts those down ballot candidates. He is going to get people who haven't voted before. We saw it in 2016 where you had first time voters come out and vote for the President,“ said Neerman.

We asked Tarrant County Democratic Chairman about why she believes this year is different for democrats than other years when there is talk of Texas flipping.

“I think Texas democrats have done their homework, and we’ve done our work,”

Tarrant County Democratic Party chairwoman Deborah Peoples points to voter registration, and turnout among young people

“All the signs are pointing to a Democratic win in Texas,” Peoples added.

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