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Michael Bloomberg Reportedly Spending $15 Million on TV Ads for Biden in Texas, Ohio

Michael Bloomberg

Former presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is funding $15 million in ads in Texas and Ohio aimed at gaining more support for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the states.

A spokesperson for the billionaire told The Texas Tribune that Bloomberg was using his super PAC, Independence USA, to fund the ads through Election Day.

The ads, which will run in both English and Spanish, will focus on "[President Donald] Trump's mismanagement of COVID-19 crisis," the spokesperson said.

Bloomberg's super PAC has been spending heavily in Florida, in both English and Spanish, trying to boost support for Biden. Earlier this month the group said they planned to spend $100 million TV ads in that state alone.

The move by Bloomberg to buy ad time in Texas reinforces that some believe the Lone Star State state could be in play on Election Day. The state has been deeply red for decades, last going to Democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Below, see how Texans have voted since in presidential elections since 1992.

Bloomberg mounted a late unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination this spring. In an interview with NBC 5, Bloomberg said then that Texas was a battleground state and that he thought he could win the state.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg returned to Texas Saturday, kicking-off his nationwide campaign with a bus tour that included a stop in several Texas cities.
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