Romantic Wedding Anniversary Tonight for the Obamas

Barack Obama puts politics on hold for 16th anniversary dinner with Michelle at Chicago restaurant

When Senator John McCain wanted to pause his presidential campaign in order to focus on the nation's financial crisis, many pundits and voters criticized him. But no one should give Senator Barack Obama any trouble for putting his own campaign on hold for a possibly even more important event: his 16th wedding anniversary.

Tonight, Obama is taking a few moments away from politics to fly back to Chicago and take his wife out to an Italian restaurant.

"I've got this whole romantic dinner planned," Obama told a rally in Grand Rapids, according to the AP. "I think it should go pretty well. That's my hope any ways. I've got a gift all picked out."

Interestingly enough, the couple enjoys a Valentine's Day meal every year at Spiaggia. Could that be the unnamed romantic Italian restaurant Barack has in mind?

The MenuPages Blog did attempt to find out, but of course, the restaurant could neither confirm nor deny any Obama-related news.

Barack is hoping that few people discover his whereabouts.

"You know what you guys could give us for our anniversary?" he said, turning to the television reporters. "Not have a camera pool outside of the restaurant, so that everybody knows that we're there."

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