Brace for a Crush of Voters at the Polls

Elections Administrators can't say for sure what tomorrow will bring. 

They do expect a record number of voters to show up at the polls and they believe the day will go smoothly. 

But even Dallas County Election Administrator Bruce Sherbet does have some pre-election day jitters, "It's not what you think is going to happen its things that come out of the blue so to speak that blind side you so you try to be prepared as you can have everything in place and just hope for the best."

Polling judges expect lines to be manageable. 

Voters shouldn't have to wait more then 15 or 20 minutes, they say. 

And to keep the lines moving Dallas County hired 4000 poll workers, there are 480 polling locations and 5000 voting booths. 

The County will even have 50 teams of roaming election officials on standby to deal with any complaints or issues that may arise.

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