Greg Abbott

Abbott Again Tweets Support to Make Alcohol-to-Go Sales Permanent

greg abbott
NBC 5 News

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) expressed his support again Sunday for making alcohol-to-go sales permanent in Texas.

In 2019, Abbott signed a bill that allowed to-go beer sales and tweeted Sunday he supported expanding the law to include all alcohol.

"Let's expand that this session and more broadly make alcohol-to-go an official law in Texas," the governor tweeted.

Abbott signed a waiver in late June that allowed restaurants and bars with a mixed beverage permit to sell mixed drinks to go and for delivery.

It came a day after he closed bars statewide and allowed eligible establishments to sell mixed drinks that are sealed by the business itself, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Mixed drinks to go are prohibited, but Abbott's action waives the law, temporarily.

He previously tweeted his support for such a move in June.

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