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Wendy Davis Begins Long "Hello" in Gov. Race



    Wendy Davis Begins Long "Hello" in Gov. Race
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    Fort Worth Democrat Wendy Davis has announced that she will make clear her future plans on Oct. 3.

    Despite the attempt to build suspense, though, the roar of the political machine behind her betrays that she's already started a campaign for governor that could have national implications.

    Davis' charisma and national fundraising capacity will help re-energize Democrats across the state. If she loses with 48 percent of the vote in a non-presidential year, she'll leave behind a party organization capable of turning out 4 million Democrats. That will have laid the groundwork to make Texas competitive in the 2016 presidential election.

    And turning the second most-populous state with 20 media markets into a battleground state would accomplish a lot.

    Democrats, though, insist they are in this election to win.