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Rep. Weiner’s Texas Connection

Congressman, Texas woman share ‘sexts’



    Rep. Weiner’s Texas Connection

    by Bruce Felps

    At first New York Rep. Anthony Weiner tried to shrug off e-pics of his junk and stuff as a hacked Twitter account by someone playing a prank on him because of his last name.

    Nice try.

    His communications with a Texas woman, though, might have helped force the congressman to admit that, no, no hack job accounted for the lewd and suggestive photos. Those would have to be chalked up to faulty brain synapses.

    The Texas woman, Meagan Broussard, granted an interview with ABC News in which she revealed an e-relationship with Weiner that involved “dozens of photos, emails, Facebook messages, and mobile phone call logs that she says chronicle a sexually-charged electronic relationship with Weiner.”

    He’s owning up to it all now, and bye-bye future political aspirations.

    What twists off in the minds of celebrities — be they of the political, entertainment, sports, literary, whatever worlds — that causes them to think they can use mass media to engage in beyond-questionable semi-perverted behavior and skate by with it, without the rest of the wired and wireless world finding out?

    If you’re gonna do it keep it on the down low for goodness sakes and go the old-fashioned route. You know, like the stalls in an airport mens room.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He can’t help but wonder if fame, riches, and power automatically kill most of the good-sense brain cells.