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The Donald On The Texas Ballot?

Can you vote for Donald Trump?



    The Donald On The Texas Ballot?
    Trump flirted with the Republican race and dropped out before entering, but he still is trying to be a player.

    Supporters of Donald Trump have reportedly filed the necessary paperwork that would land the New York real estate tycoon on the Texas primary ballot this spring, according to an online magazine.

    In an exclusive story, The Blaze is reporting that Trump's Texas backers have registered a new party with the Texas Secretary of State's office called the Make America Great Again Party, with the intention of making Trump the party's Presidential nominee.

    "I am aware and flattered by this filing by my supporters in Texas,” Trump said in a statement to The Blaze. “I have not authorized anyone to act on my behalf and am not a candidate for president at this time. I will not, however, rule out a third-party candidacy if the Republicans nominate a candidate who cannot defeat Obama and I recently changed my party registration in New York state to preserve my legal option to appear on the ballot in all 50 states if I do decide to run."

    Trump flirted with a run for the Republican nominee for President last spring, but later announced he would not seek the Presidency.

    In a Tweet from Friday, the day Trump's supporters filed the paperwork in Texas, @realDonaldTrump wrote "The Washington Establishment will never rein in government spending, waste, fraud and abuse.  A great thinker and outsider is needed."

    The 2012 primary in Texas will be April 3.