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Texas Considers Texting-While-Driving Ban



    Texas could be the next U.S. state to require drivers to keep their hands off their cell phone keyboards.

    House Bill 243 would ban texting, e-mailing or writing anything on a cell phone while driving.

    Talking on a phone -- even without a hands-free device -- would still be permissible. The measure is being debated in legislative committees.

    Collin County Sheriff Terry Box has had a similar policy in place for deputies for nearly a year. Patrols aren't even able to access their computer monitors unless they're at a complete stop.

    Should Texas Ban Texting While Driving?

    [DFW] Should Texas Ban Texting While Driving?
    Texas may be next on the growing list of states banning texting or emailing while driving.
    (Published Monday, March 14, 2011)

    Deputies can only use cell phones with a hands-free device or if an emergency 911 call is being routed to an officer en route to a call.

    "I think it's become just as much prevalent as DWI driving, and, yes, it should be regulated," Box said.