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Rumors of Sen. Hutchison's Death a Hoax

Bogus e-mail delivers false news



    Rumors of Sen. Hutchison's Death a Hoax
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    A very much alive Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

    What is wrong with some people?

    Apparently someone got his or her jollys by sending out a false e-mail announcing the death of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, who is very much alive, thank you.

    The missive came from an e-mail address purportedly assigned to the senator at her Washington, D.D., office, and it would be kinda odd that she announced her own death.

    And it’s not the first time it’s happened. According to the public information staff in Hutchinson’s office, similar e-mails went out concerning Sens. Leahy, Feinstein, and Lautenberg, and at last check they were still running the country to ruin … sorry, legislating.

    Hutchinson, meanwhile, addresses the Fredonia Rotary Club of Nacogdoches Wednesday at noon, which would be rather difficult for a dead woman and, probably, a little uncomfortable for the audience.

    But what’s the point of the bogus message? Who stands to gain what by making this false announcement? Hutchinson’s not running against Gov. Rick “Hair” Perry, right, so she’s no immediate threat to his incumbency.

    Really, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet or distributed via the modern miracle that is the e-mail. I mean, I sincerely doubt the hot chick who e-mailed wanting to be my Facebook friend is real.

    Don’t believe everything you think, either.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Really? The hot chick’s not real?