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Ron Paul Raises $8 Million in 3 Months



    Ron Paul Raises $8 Million in 3 Months
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    GOP Presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he's pulled in $8 million in 3 months.

    Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul raised $8 million in the last three months.

    In doing so, Paul, who is a favorite of libertarians, proved that he's in the race for the long-haul even though he hasn't been able to break into the top tier of candidates in national polling.

    "We're not competing with people who can wave a magic wand and get money from the big donors," Paul said.

    "All donors are not equal, you know. I will take my smaller donations with the enthusiasm of the people who send me the money," he later said of his fervent supporters.

    Paul's totals can be largely attributed to his strong online fundraising apparatus and his base of small-dollar donors.

    The congressman, who raised $4.5 million in his first three months, said he has more than 100,000 donors.