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Rockwall Councilwoman Challenges Potential Federal Gun Restrictions



    The city of Rockwall will introduce a resolution that would prevent future federal gun control legislation from being enforced in the city. (Published Monday, March 4, 2013)

    The city of Rockwall is considering a resolution that challenges enforcement of possible federal gun control legislation.

    Councilwoman Michelle Smith has proposed the measure, which would reaffirm the right of people to bear arms and say that city leaders defend the Second Amendment.

    "Yes, we are in Texas and we do love our guns, but this is about our guaranteed rights that are being violated and people don't feel that they have a voice," Smith said.

    The county Democratic Party says the resolution is not enforceable. Philip Borawski of the Rockwall County Democrats, said the measure is not necessary, especially when there are other pressing city issues.

    "The majority of the citizens of Rockwall today care more about roads infrastructure and strengthen our education structure, and I think this is a questionable use of City Council's time," he said.

    Smith said she hopes to make a statement that Rockwall will not allow the government to take away constitutional rights. Her resolution states that it would be considered unconstitutional if the government tried to confiscate guns or put special taxes on gun owners.

    "We should stand on our Constitution," she said. "That's what those liberties were fought for and died for, and I believe we should stand firm on them."

    Greg Ollom, the owner of the Rockwall Pawn Shop, said guns are flying off the shelves in light of all the national and state attention on gun control.

    "We're selling everything we can get," he said. "I think a lot of it's people are afraid of what the government is trying to do or going to do."

    Smith's resolution is inspired by similar ones passed in League City and Gonzales a few weeks ago.

    "It's a waste of time," said Anthony Harper with the Rockwall County Democrats. "It's just, in my opinion, feeding into the gun frenzy that's sweeping through the United States right now."

    The U.S. Senate is considering a package of four bills aimed at reducing gun violence. The bills involve regulating assault weapons, making gun trafficking and the straw purchasing of firearms federal offenses, enhancing school safety and requiring background checks for all firearm sales.

    The bill regulating assault weapons would exclude any weapon that is lawfully possessed at the time of the bill's enactment.