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Rick Perry, Inadvertent Internet Star

Perry's animated nature during speech gets attention



    Rick Perry, Inadvertent Internet Star
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    A routine campaign speech has turned into Internet gold for Texas' governor.

    Wacky. Animated.  

    That's what some folks are saying about Gov. Rick Perry's speech last week in New Hampshire.

    A writer for the National Review even said that the speech looked like it was given under the influence of pain medication from his recent back surgery. (Perry had back surgery in July).

    A very animated Perry gave the speech to a crowd of about 400 attendees. What's getting attention is now WHAT Perry said, but HOW he said it.

    The normally reserved, calm candidate was much more animated for the crowd.

    In the video, Perry can be seen waving his hands around (much more than usual), making plenty of facial expressions and engaging with the crowd much more than in the past.

    The video is not only making the rounds online, it's showing up on news outlets.

    How it affects his campaign remains to be seen.