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Rick Perry Has His Own 'Obama Girl'



    Rick Perry Has His Own 'Obama Girl'
    Stefanie Heminger.

    Remember the "Crush on Obama" girl? The Texas Governor might have a "Sweet on Perry" fan.

    Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign is racking up supporters and now includes Stefanie Heminger.

    Does the name sound familiar? The California-native, who recently moved to Austin from L.A., said in the past she's worked for Playboy TV, Playboy Radio XM, MTV and Telemundo.  She said also hosts a web series where she interviewed rock artists and adult film star Ron Jeremy. So, yeah, that Stefanie Heminger.

    Heminger told NBC 5 she's been a registered Republican since her 18th birthday, and even helped campaign for Bush and McCain. She said she looked up Rick Perry videos on YouTube, but decided that "most of the videos were boring and anti-, therefore I decided he needed a younger female to voice her opinion."

    Now she's taking to YouTube to campaign for Rick Perry for President.

    In her video, found here, she calls out President Barack Obama as inexperienced and said Perry will "improve our overall quality of life."

    Not to spoil it, but she also includes a snippets of Perry's book "Fed Up", has costume changes, and a Top 10 list on why people should vote for the governor.

    Although Heminger is just helping from behind a computer right now, she has donated money to the campaign and even signed up to help Perry's run.

    And if you're wondering, Heminger said she meant the video to seem "sexy."

    "Everything I do is me and I'm a sexual person. I worked for Playboy radio, " Heminger said. "I'm just a sexual person. Also, lets face it- Boobs get a message across faster than a liberal can go vegan."


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