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Perry, Hutchison Duke It Out Over "Recession" Comment



    Perry, Hutchison Duke It Out Over "Recession" Comment
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    Gov. Rick Perry is expected to face Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison for the Republican ticket in next year's governor's race.

    Jennifer Baker with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for governor admitted one of the campaign operatives recorded and edited video of Gov. Rick Perry talking about the recession and asking "are we in one?"  When asked about the campaigns editing of the video, Baker said "Rick Perry’s words speak for themselves. Its rare to see a politician so out of touch and arrogant.  Rick Perry will have plenty of time to work on his comedy routine after the election when he is unemployed."

    The next thing Perry said during the speech was "but seriously" and he went on to talk about how Texas is doing better than other states and will be one of the first to get out of the tough economic times, according to a copy of the speech released by Perry's campaign.

    Perry later told reporters the tactic was underhanded and done by a "political hack."

    Hutchison's campaign fired back on Tuesday with a new video called "What Changed?," pointing out that since Hutchison's campaign "highlighted" Perry's comment, the Governor has toned down his usually animated speeches.