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Perry Tweets He's Off to South Carolina

Perry says Iowa was "loosey-goosey"



    Gov. Rick Perry tweeted: "Here we come South Carolina!!!" (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Gov. Rick Perry isn't done yet.

    At 10:14 a.m., Perry tweeted a picture of himself in running gear with the message that his next stop in the marathon would be South Carolina.

    "And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State...Here we come South Carolina!!! yfrog.com/odz8ujrj," Perry said on Twitter.

    Following Tuesday night's disappointing performance in Iowa, Perry had said he was going to reassess his campaign from his home in Texas.  

    Perry Says He's Headed to South Carolina

    [DFW] Perry Says He's Headed to South Carolina
    It looked like Gov. Rick Perry may end his bid for the GOP nomination, until he Tweeted he was heading to South Carolina.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Apparently, he didn't need to leave Iowa to determine his future course and he has determined he still has a future in the race. 

    “I just said I was going to reassess last night.  Yeah, I reassessed.  We’re headed to New Hampshire and then to South Carolina," Perry said Wednesday afternoon.

    Perry's campaign confirmed Wednesday that the governor plans to participate in debates scheduled in New Hampshire this weekend.

    Perry Re-Examining White House Bid

    [DFW] Perry Re-Examining White House Bid
    Gov. Rick Perry says he's returning to Austin to reassess his campaign for the Republican nomination for president.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Though he finished fifth in the caucuses, Perry isn't reading too much into the dismal numbers received in Iowa. He said Iowa was "a quirky place" and said the caucuses were "a quirky process, to say the least."

    "The fact is that this was a pretty loosey-goosey process, and you had a lot of people who were there that admitted that they were Democrats voting in the caucuses last night, so I look forward to continuing on the trail, and I’m excited," he said. "It’s going to be fun and all our friends in New Hampshire and South Carolina: Get ready. Here we come.”

    Travis County's Republican Party said says Perry needs to stick to his message about job creation and economic progress.

    What's Next for Perry After Iowa?

    [DFW NS NIGHTLY] What's Next for Perry After Iowa?
    Star-Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders talks about what's next for Gov. Rick Perry after his poor showing in Iowa.
    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    "He doesn't need to attack the other Republicans," party spokesman Andy Hogue said.

    He and other Austin-area lawmakers say Perry still has a chance. All eyes are set on South Carolina, despite New Hampshire's primary being on the horizon.

    The South Carolina primary is Jan. 21.  New Hampshire's is Tuesday.

    NBC 5's Ray Villeda contributed to this report.

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