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Perry-Student Exchange Caught on Camera



    Perry-Student Exchange Caught on Camera
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    A Ron Paul supporter in Iowa confronted Gov. Rick Perry on a number of issues.

    On the campaign trail, there are always cameras rolling: Just ask the GOP presidential candidates.

    A camera was rolling in Iowa when presidential contender Gov. Rick Perry was asked a question by a student/former military man. The testy candidate jabbed a finger in the man's chest and said "You obviously don't know what you're talking about."

    The man is a Ron Paul supporter and asked Perry about several things, including Perry's work with ACORN (yes, that ACORN) and increased state spending in Texas. He also asked the governor what the difference was between Perry and President Barack Obama.

    The exchange posted on YouTube was short and intense.

    The student blogged about it.

    NBC 5 asked Perry's campaign to comment on the exchange but didn't hear back Thursday.

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