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Perry Pops Obama With 'Lazy'

Perry ad will air on cable and in Iowa



    Perry Pops Obama With 'Lazy'
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    A new Gov. Rick Perry ad takes President Barack Obama and Congress to task.

    Gov. Rick Perry is not happy with President Barack Obama.

    Before you fall over in shock, first check out Perry's new ad criticizing the president over his words.

    The video shows a clip of Obama saying, "We've been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades..."

    The president's recent remark was that the United States has "been a little bit lazy" in terms of going after foreign business investments. He was speaking to a group of CEOS at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation about the challenges of attracting foreign investment in the United States.

    The Associated Press said the ad took Obama's comment out of context and uses it to portray the president as out of touch, even contemptuous, of ordinary Americans.

    In the 30-second spot running on Fox News and in Iowa, Perry touts his new "Uproot" plan while scolding Congress and the White House.

    Gawker also picked on the ad and castigated Perry for not using a verb while talking.

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