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Continuing coverage of the crisis on the Texas border and the surge of unaccompanied minors

Perry Invites Obama to Texas Border Amid 'Crisis'



    Perry Invites Obama to Texas Border Amid 'Crisis'
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    Gov. Rick Perry is inviting one of his greatest political foes, President Barack Obama, to Texas for a firsthand look at the "humanitarian crisis" unfolding along the border with Mexico.

    In a letter Friday, the Republican asked the White House to send 1,000 additional National Guard troops and helicopters to South Texas, and authorize using Predator drones to curb drug and people smuggling.

    Perry also wants the Centers for Disease Control to inspect facilities housing immigrants, especially children, caught crossing the border illegally.

    The governor frequently bashes the federal government. But he wrote that the problems he's detailing are Washington's responsibility.

    Perry urged modifying federal policies that are a "magnet" for people crossing illegally, adding that "immediate and decisive action" was necessary because the "situation along the border is deteriorating."