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Perry Heading to GOP Primary States

But longtime consultant says governor is not running for president



    Perry Heading to GOP Primary States
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    A longtime consultant to Gov. Rick Perry says Perry is not running for president.

    If any other high-profile Republican had planned trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina during campaign season, it would be hard to deny their White House dreams.

    But Gov. Rick Perry's campaign team has no problem brushing off the rumors of a "Perry for president" run.

    Numerous times, on numerous occasions, Perry campaign staffers, aides and consultants have told NBC DFW that Perry isn't running for president.

    Then reports came out that Perry will travel to New Hampshire and South Carolina.

    And an article at Real Clear Politics said Perry's campaign is trying to set up booths at very small political functions in New Hampshire -- a sign that would normally point to a campaign in the Granite State.

    "That is a complete lie," said Dave Carney, Perry's longtime political consultant and someone who would be very familiar with Perry's White House aspirations -- if he had some.

    "And I told Real Clear Politics that was, in fact, incorrect," Carney said. "Our firm's summer intern is in fact researching and booking space at every summer fair in NH [New Hampshire] for a project for another client."

    It seems that Perry's inner circle isn't fanning the flames of a run. Instead, they're putting out the fire of a reported presidential run that some campaign watchers have started.