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Perry Camp Shouted Down in Front of White's Office



    Perry Camp Shouted Down in Front of White's Office
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    A campaign spokesman for Republican Gov. Rick Perry was drowned out Tuesday by his opponent's supporters during a campaign event outside Democrat Bill White's campaign headquarters. (See the video at the bottom of the page)

    Perry spokesman Mark Miner had called a last minute news conference to chide White over business dealings with a company that he enlisted to provided generators in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Miner parked a generator in front of White's campaign office in Austin and urged him to release his tax returns for all the years he's held public office.

    But a throng of White's supporters engulfed Miner, drowning out his voice with chants of "Debate Bill White" and "Rick 'Chicken' Perry."

    Miner appeared unperturbed, continuing to speak to reporters who couldn't hear him.

    Perry has said he won't debate White until he releases his tax returns.

    White has released tax returns for the years he was mayor of Houston, but not for the years he served as deputy energy secretary under President Bill Clinton or when he was chairman of the Texas Democratic Party.

    The tax returns he released last week revealed that he has profited from a $1 million investment in the company BTEC. White served on the BTEC board of directors before becoming mayor. In 2005, when Hurricane Rita struck the Houston area, White asked BTEC to help provide backup generators. White has said he was invited to invest in the company -- and did -- about a year after the storm.

    White has said he did nothing wrong by investing in a great company, but the Perry campaign has accused him of "profiteering" from a natural disaster.

    "Bill White has been hiding his tax returns, and for years as mayor of Houston, he has been profiting off a company he has financial ties with," Miner said. "How many other shady business deals is Bill White hiding?"