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Palin and Perry Playing Politics in Dallas



    It was political theater at it's finest. And it took place on a real stage.

    More than 700 people packed the Majestic Theater in Dallas to hear former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin speak at a pro-life group fundraiser. Joining her on stage was Texas Governor Rick Perry.

    Palin spoke about her faith, her pro-life stance, life after her vice-presidential run, her family, the media and Washington politicians.

    Her speech, laced with jokes and jabs, even included a hint at her 2012 plans.

    Palin Attends Event in Dallas

    [DFW] Palin Attends Event in Dallas
    Former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin joined Texas Governor Rick Perry at a fundraiser for a pro-life group in Dallas.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010)

    "See, I need to run for office just so I have more material to share in my next speech," Palin joked.

    Palin also took time to praise Governor Perry.

    "Always really good to get back here with your Governor. A man that I just dearly love and respect, " Palin said. "I know that Governor Perry has been working tirelessly to protect you from Obamacare and what's coming out of Washington DC."

    But don't print your "Palin/Perry 2012" shirts just yet.

    Perry took the stage and talked about his faith and his pro-life stance but he didn't talk about 2012 at this event.

    Earlier in Dallas at a book signing, Perry was asked if he considered running for President.

    " I've considered it," Perry said. "And I've said 'no, that's not where I want to go.'"