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'Occupy' Movement Spreads to Denton

Demonstrators occupy University of North Texas grounds



    The "occupy" movement that began in New York City has moved into another North Texas city.

    The Occupy Denton demonstration may not be as large as protests in other cities, but the protesters' purpose is clear.

    "No one city is more important than any other," demonstrator Garrett Graham said. "We live in a profoundly undemocratic society in every community in our nation. I think there needs to be an occupation in every hometown."

    Graham helped kick-start the movement in Denton. The majority of the demonstrators are college students, and they occupy a piece of the University of North Texas campus.

    Move to Occupy Denton

    [DFW] Move to Occupy Denton
    Occupy Wall Street has moved into another north Texas City, demonstrators have now occupied Denton, with a message of their own.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011)

    "We may just be one tiny little Occupy Denton, but if you look at us and every city that is doing it, it's a huge movement," Sara Moran said.

    Occupy Denton is part of the nationwide movement, but Denton protesters are also working on a mission of their own.

    "A lot of people are concerned with the occupation of public space, like the Denton Square, where people are no longer allowed to be after midnight," Graham said. "Also, people are really concerned about the explosion of natural gas drilling going on in the North Texas community."

    "I care about students loans, things like that," protester Annalisa Vargas said.

    The number of protesters has reached 60, and they said they are willing to stay for a while.

    "It could be months," Vargas said. "It could be -- a year would be great."

    The Occupy Denton demonstrators said the community they're creating is more than a one-time demonstration.