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Locals Sound Off on Anti-Illegal Immigration Debate



    Locals Sound Off on Anti-Illegal Immigration Debate
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    WASHINGTON - APRIL 10: Demonstrators take part in the National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice, or La Marcha, April 10, 2006 on the National Mall in Washington, DC. Protests, marches and rallies were held across the United States today as the issue of immigration rights and justice appears stalled in the U.S. Congress. (photo by David S. Holloway/Getty Images

    Arizona's controversial law aimed at finding illegal immigrants has stirred debate nationwide, but perhaps even more so in the southern border states struggling to stem the tide of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States.

    Gov. Rick Perry, who has asked President Barack Obama for the National Guard to be dispatched to the Texas-Mexico border, opposes the law, while the city of Austin took their opposition to another level by voting to boycott Arizona altogether.

    A new national NBC/MSNBC/Telemundo poll on immigration released Wednesday indicates that whites and Latinos are deeply divided over the issue immigration, their allegiances to the nation’s political parties and their opinions about the president.

    In the poll, 61 percent say they favor Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law, which would require local and state law enforcement officers to question people about their immigration status if they have reason to suspect a person is in the country illegally. The law would also make it a crime to lack the proper registration documents.

    But there’s a divide among white and Latino respondents: 70 percent of whites support the law, versus just 31 percent of Latinos. In fact, 58 percent of Latinos say they strongly oppose it.

    That’s not the only chasm between White and Latino America. While 68 percent of Latinos believe that immigration strengthens the United States, just 43 percent of whites think that.

    Early Wednesday, through Facebook and Twitter, NBCDFW asked our readers to sound off on the immigration debate and to send us their thoughts. Here are a few of the submissions:

    "The law that Arizona passed should be implemented throughout the whole United States. If they want to be here, do it legaly. They come into our country, take our jobs and send US dollars back to Mexico. That is one of the reasons our economy is where it is. Wake up America!!!" - John Hudson.
    "I don't think we only need to worry about Hispanic immigrants. they are NOT the only ones. I support enforcing immigration laws with ALL races." - Amanda Lewis 
    "I'm an American....and proud of OUR country!!! I'm also a Mexican-American & proud of my heritage. But this AZ law is causing a divided nation. The only reason I do not like it is because it causes discrimination towards the Hispanic community which leads to racial profiling.  What is the point of having a "National ID card" if it amounts to ... See MoreGestapo tactics for anyone from the government to ask to see it? Are we living in Nazi Germany now?!! Is that what we call freedom?!!  USA & Mexico have to work together to resolve this problem....and there are good people on both side of the border." - Manuel Veyna Jr
    "We need to force the Federal government to fix the process to come here legally - it needs to be timely, efficient and effective. To pass laws at other levels to make up for the Federal failings is putting the burden in the wrong place and letting the Federal government continue to avoid its responsibilities without consequence." -- Jeanine M. Hawkins

    Whatever the opinion, one constant seemed to resonate strongly among most posters -- that they favor immigration, from any country, if it's done legally.

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