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Local Soldier Attends State of Union Address

Florida congresswoman invites Coppell High School grad to speech



    The presidential State of the Union is must-see TV for one Flower Mound family, but they had another reason to keep their eyes glued to the television this year.

    Robert and Michelle Wallace's daughter, 2nd Lt. Brittany Ramos, attended the State of the Union address at the invitation of a Florida congresswoman.

    "A glimpse would be nice," Michelle Wallace said. "Yeah, I would be happy if we just got the opportunity to see her there, because I know she's so excited."

    Ramos, who just earned her degree from the University of Miami, graduated from Coppell High School. She just finished officer training, and her high grades and performance earned her an invite from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

    Michelle Wallace, herself a retired Army captain, said her daughter is thrilled at attending the historic event and dreams of going into politics.

    "She wanted to make political contacts, and I said, 'You're not going to make political contacts in the Army. I should know,'" she said. "And then this came up, and I said, 'OK, she was right.'"

    The proud parents joked that one day, their daughter might be the one giving the speech.

    "In school, she campaigned at Coppell High and said, 'I just want y'all to know, I'm campaigning now for 2040. I'll be running for president. I'll be the first female president,'" Michelle Wallace said.