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Hunter Seeks Tighter Control on City Keys

Radio host cites presentation to Vick



    Hunter Seeks Tighter Control on City Keys
    AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac

    by Bruce Felps

    Like a tenacious bulldog, radio host Richard Hunter will not let go of Mayor Dwaine Caraway for giving Michael Vick a key to Dallas.

    Hunter’s on the right trail. Not only is Vick the quarterback of the stinkin’ Philadelphia Eagles he also headed up a brutal dog-fighting ring, and that was redundant, in which dogs were tortured and killed.

    The former earned Vick a spot in this year’s Pro Bowl. The latter earned him time in prison. The combination, it seems, won him Caraway’s admiration.

    During Super Bowl week, Hunter tried to talk with Vick about Mel, the former Vick fight-ring dog Hunter adopted. Vick, despite his claims to high Heaven he’s reformed, turned his back on Hunter.

    Today, Hunter awaits — at last check — his chance to implore the Dallas City Council to adopt more stringent controls over the keys to the city so not just every convicted felon can receive one.

    A staffer at the Dallas Morning News published Hunter’s planned address to Council. Part of it reads, “Michael Vick, or the next criminal who dazzles a council member with his celebrity, could meet a standard for accepting a key to the city of Dallas, yet be rejected for a license to be employed as legal prostitute by the state of Nevada. I ask today that we at least elevate our standard for a key to the city to that of a license to be employed as a sex worker.”

    How ironic. Just about every pet lover in town has two words for Michael Vick, and the second one is “you.”

    Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thinks the city door that key unlocks should have a peephole so we can see who’s getting that key.