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Health Care Townhalls Turn ... Civil?



    Health Care Townhalls Turn ... Civil?
    More than 2,500 people attended a health care townhall meeting in Richardson.

    More than 2,500 people turned out for a health care townhall Monday night. They brought signs, banners, pamphlets, their passion -- and their manners.

    "I think that there are still two very polarized factions," said Brenda Box, a Dallas resident opposed to President Barack Obama's bill. "But I think that enough real information is finally getting out, thank heaven."

    The majority of the crowd inside the Eisemann Center in Washington was against the current bill in Congress. The four congressmen -- Rep. Joe Barton, Rep. Sam Johnson, Rep. Pete Sessions and Rep. Jeb Hensarling -- who were present are also opposed to it.

    But the real debate was took place outside, between supporters and opponents, and there were no "angry mobs" in sight.

    "They have their signs, we have our signs, and we talk to each other, but there's not that angry feel," said Elizabeth Berry, a supporter of the health care bill. "I think it is evolving from shouting matches."

    At least both sides of the debate have found something to agree on.