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Habla Español? One GOP Gov Candidate Does ... Online



    Habla Español? One GOP Gov Candidate Does ... Online
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    From left, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Gov. Rick Perry and Debra Medina are seeking the Republican nomination for governor.

    In the Republican primary for governor, only one candidate is trying to "hablar Español" online.

    Gov. Rick Perry's campaign has the only Web site that translates into Spanish, allowing Spanish speakers to read about the Governor's issues.

    "Gov. Perry has always reached out to all Texans." said Mark Miner, Perry's campaign spokesman. Miner also said that Perry's conservative issues speak to all Texans, no matter what language.

    When asked if the Perry campaign was actively trying to court Hispanic voters for the primary, Miner declined to talk strategy.

    Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign, confirmed that the campaign Web site doesn't have a version in Spanish. Baker did not respond to a question of why there is no Spanish translation for the Web site.

    A Spanish translation of Debra Medina's Web site was not found. Repeated calls and emails to the Medina campaign were not returned.

    The Republican primary is March 2.