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Gingrich Stumps in Dallas

Almost 300 attend former House speaker's event



    Gingrich Stumps in Dallas
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    Newt Gingrich thinks Gov. Rick Perry is doing a good job running the state.

    Which is why, Gingrich joked, he doesn't want Perry to become president.

    In a packed ballroom in North Dallas, Gingrich talked about his own presidential campaign to a crowd of roughly 300 conservatives.

    The Dallas Tea Party hosted the event, and topics ranged from President Barack Obama (Gingrich wants to defeat him), to global warming (Gingrich isn't sure what to believe about it) to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (Gingrich wants to fire him).

    Gingrich told NBC 5 that he likes Perry and some of his ideas but doesn't plan on backing down from campaigning against him.

    "I will be campaigning in Texas, and my hope is to win the delegation for the convention, and I think it'll be great for Texas to keep Rick Perry in Austin and get Newt Gingrich in Washington," he said. "Frankly, a lot of what I do on the 10th Amendment I got from Rick Perry, just as I think a little of my energy plan he got from me. But that's fine -- swapping ideas amongst friends is a good thing, not a bad thing."

    Gingrich also noted that Perry has had a bit "of a challenge" adjusting to the scrutiny and rigor of a national campaign. When asked about the recent negative tone at the debates, Gingrich said it's not good for Republicans or the candidates.

    "I think this kind of bickering -- almost seventh-grade-recess attitude -- I think it's been destructive," he said. "People turn it off. I think it makes the Republican Party look childish."

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