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GOP Field Solidifies as Perry Raises Cash



    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie? Fuhgeddaboutit.

    Sarah Palin? Nope.

    Now the GOP field vying to knock off President Barack Obama in 2012 is set. What does it mean for Gov. Rick Perry's presidential campaign?

    Doctor Rebecca Deen, chair of UT Arlington's political science department, says the candidates can expect more scrutiny from voters and the media. It also raises the stakes, meaning big money donors will put their money with the current field of candidates. Candidates that they feel can handle the pressures of a campaign and win.

    Perry Focused on Raising Money

    [DFW] Perry Focused on Raising Money
    Gov. Rick Perry is raising money and trying to convince GOP voters he's their first choice, now that Gov. Chris Christie and Sarah Palin aren't running.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    "The pockets of his (Perry's) supporters are deep," Reed said, talking about Perry's recent $17 million in campaign fundraising for the recent quarter. "And that's good news for Gov. Perry. But he needs to make sure though, that he looks polished. Even though his supporters are deep-pocketed, if he has more gaffes, they're going to question whether or not he's going to viable for the long haul, and the money might start to dry out."

    Perry is working to make sure the money keeps pouring in. He's spent the last week at fundraisers in California and Texas.