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Fort Worth Picks New Mayor Saturday

Lane, Price Vying For Top Spot



    Fort Worth residents will elect a new mayor on Saturday in a runoff election between former Tarrant County Tax Assessor Betsy Price and former City Councilman Jim Lane.

    Lane touts his experience on the council when asked why he should be the next mayor. Price believes she can bring a new perspective from the county when it comes to fixing the city's budgetary problems.

    Five weeks after emerging from a field of five, Lane or Price will be outgoing mayor Mike Moncrief's replacement.

    "I think my vision for Fort Worth is a little bit different than Betsy's (vision)," Lane said. "I think we need to have economic development all through the community, not just downtown and with certain groups with people. I'm real concerned about the neighborhoods and I'm very concerned about our schools."

    Fort Worth Mayoral Run-Off Saturday

    [DFW] Fort Worth Mayoral Run-Off Saturday
    Tomorrow voters will determine which two veterans from the political arena, former Tarrant County Tax Assessor Betsy Price or former city councilman Jim Lane will replace Mayor Mike Moncrief.
    (Published Friday, June 17, 2011)

    "This is about bringing a business mindset, about understanding how difficult the tax burden is on citizens, businesses, senior citizens on a fixed income," Price said. "This is about working full time and cutting the waste."

    Since the may election, the candidates have met numerous times and picked up key endorsements along the way. Former City Councilwoman Cathy Hirt, who finished third, put her support behind Lane. Price received Mayor Moncrief's endorsement last week.

    "I think they're great, and I applaud all the endorsements," Lane said. "But I think if you're a real voter you need to find out about the candidate himself or herself. I think that's what's most important, and I hope we've done that."

    "People really have responded to the message we've delivered, but it never hurts to have that," Price said. "Mike and Rosie are very popular and have done wonderful things for Fort Worth, so that does help."

    And with less than 24 hours until the polls open, both candidates seem satisfied with their campaigns.

    "I feel really good about it," Price said.

    "I think we've done all we can do," Lane said.

    Both candidates say it's tough to keep turnout high with a runoff election during the summer, but say they're pleased with the early voting turnout.