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Dewhurst, Cruz Focus on Each Other in Runoff

Dewhurst agrees to debate Cruz



    Republican U.S. Senate candidates Ted Cruz, left, and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst face off in a primary runoff on July 31. (Published Thursday, May 31, 2012)

    There are no "timeouts" in politics. Just ask Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz.

    The two GOP U.S. Senate hopefuls held press conferences Wednesday, after each celebrated their respective victories in Tuesday's primary election.

    Cruz and Dewhurst will face each other in a July 31 primary runoff.

    Dewhurst earned more votes but not enough to avoid a runoff in a crowded field.

    "Every pundit said this case was unwinnable. That was the conventional wisdom -- that the lieutenant governor had too much money, he had too much name ID, he had every lobbyist behind him, he could not be beat. Last night demonstrated that's not the case," Cruz told reporters Wednesday morning.

    Dewhurst was on the offensive Wednesday, telling reporters that Texas voters know his conservative credentials.

    "I think this is a race not on who can out-conservative one another, but who the voters in Texas believe will stay conservative," Dewhurst said.

    Cruz repeatedly chided Dewhurst during the primary for not showing up to candidate forums and debates. Dewhurst cited his state duties as a reason why he couldn't attend. On Wednesday, Cruz continued to put pressure on Dewhurst.

    " I am hopeful that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has heard the message from the people and has decided to abandon his strategy of skipping every debate he can," Cruz said.

    Dewhurst agreed to debate.

    "I'm not going to limit the debates I do with Mr. Cruz to only five," he said. "I'll be glad to go to any of the debates that the TV stations sponsor."