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Campaign Cash for Clothes? Medina Not Equal to Palin



    Campaign Cash for Clothes? Medina Not Equal to Palin
    Reports show Medina spent over $2,000 in campaign funds on her wardrobe, but supporter are quick to keep it in perspective.

    Debra Medina's campaign manager is quick to point out that the GOP hopeful isn't spending "Sarah Palin money" on clothes.

    Medina has spent just more than $2,000 in campaign donations on her wardrobe for the campaign, according to the Dallas Morning News. Palin, by contrast, spent more than $150,000 in her failed bid for VP. Some people hold their nose at the idea; others just shrug.

    Penny Langford Freeman, Medina's campaign manager, defended the expenditures and took shots at Medina's more well-known opponents for the Republican govenor's nomination, Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, as well as the media.

    "At a time when Rick Perry and Kay Hutchison are accepting money from toll road builders, Wall Street banksters and out-of-state gaming, I find it laughable that the only thing the media can find to prick Debra Medina on is less than $2,500 spent on campaign wear, which is perfectly legal and ethical. Keeping it all in perspective, she is an average Texan who still works her medical billing business and farm in boots and jeans," Freeman said. "So, keep it in perspective to who she is, she is an average Texan who doesn't have the $150,000 clothing budget like Sara Palin. Debra is standing firm on her honor. She was honest and reported her every expenditure when many other politicians take clothing and trips in return for a back-room deal or even perhaps a bank bailout."

    Freeman went on to praise her candidate's honest reporting of campaign expenditures, from food and travel to Facebook advertising ($161.45) to public speaking lessons at the Self-Expression Center in Houston ($1,200).

    The Republican primary is March 2.