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Abbott Vows to Fight "Obamacare" If Elected Governor



    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says the Affordable Care Act will hurt Texas' economy and says he would continue to fight the federal law if elected governor. (Published Monday, Oct. 21, 2013)

    Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he will go from being a soldier to the commander in chief in the fight against the Affordable Care Act if he is elected governor.

    Abbott spoke to NBC 5 during a campaign stop at The Original Pancake House in North Dallas on Monday, where he received the endorsement of the Texas Restaurant Association.

    The theme of Abbott's speech to his supporters was "pro-Texas." He praised the state's business climate and friendly business environment. He said they are two issues he wants to continue pushing as governor in Austin.

    The stump speech sounded similar to the speeches given by current Gov. Rick Perry when he campaigned.

    But Abbott's speech also zeroed in on the Affordable Care Act. He told the crowd the federal law will hurt Texas' economy, saying he would continue to fight it if elected governor.

    "The main state-level interaction with the Obamacare plan or anything involving federal health care is the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, and I will ensure that that commission continues to work against the implementation of Obamacare in Texas," Abbott told NBC 5.

    Abbott also referenced state Sen. Wendy Davis, who is currently the only Democratic candidate running for governor.

    "I would be delighted if this election were a referendum on Obamacare," he said. "I'm against Obamacare; my opponent is for Obamacare. And I think Texas should cast a vote in the upcoming election whether or not they want Obamacare."

    When asked about the most recent fight against the Affordable Care Act led by Sen. Ted Cruz, Abbott said he supported Cruz and his fight against the law. Despite some barbs thrown by some Republicans, Cruz was doing what he promised voters he'd do if elected, Abbott said.

    "Ted Cruz did exactly what he would do before they voted on him," he said. "He got a mandate when he got elected to do everything he possibly could to bring down the Obamacare law that will destroy America's economy, and he went to Washington and fulfilled his campaign promise."