Worker Calls NBC 5 After Receiving ‘Bad Payroll Checks' From Popular Restaurant

Dream Cafe was once a staple in the town of Addison.

"It would be so busy, to the point people would literally wait like 45 minutes to an hour," said Erica Beaty. 

Beaty worked at Dream Cafe as a hostess for nearly a year.

On Aug. 18, Beaty said she showed up to work her normal shift but instead of seeing hungry customers waiting to be seated, she saw a sign posted on the door:

"… Sadly we have closed our doors for the last time."

Beaty said she was never informed that the restaurant was closing. She said she called her manager and assistant manager, but they didn't answer.

Beaty said she rushed to the bank to deposit her paycheck, but later learned the check bounced.

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"I was upset, and then my bank charged me a fee for the check bouncing," she explained.

Beaty said this isn't the first time this has happened. She said one of her Dream Cafe paychecks bounced before, but her manager took care of it right away

But Beaty was worried this time because she had another check that was supposed to come later that month and she worried it may bounce as well.

She said she she visited Dream Cafe in Dallas and was told the owner would take care of it.

"That's just when it all started. I just kept calling and calling and kept getting the runaround," she said. "I needed the money."

When she couldn't get her money, she called NBC 5 Responds to step in.

A manager at Dream Cafe in Dallas said he had no control over payroll, but would let the owner know about the situation.

"That same day, I got a text from the manager, 'Oh hey, I want to make sure you get paid. I want to make sure this gets straightened out,'" said Beaty.

And a of couple weeks later, Beaty got a check for $352.

But there was another problem.

"I go up to the bank Saturday morning.  She (the teller) said 'I'm sorry, I can't cash this check," Beaty explained.

She said she texted the manager again, and he told her to try cashing it the following week because they should have funds then.

So that's what she did.

Thankfully, Beaty finally got the money she worked hard for. 

"Yes! You guys really helped me," she said.

The owner of Dream Cafe, Mary, said it was an abrupt closing at the Addison location. 

She said their landlord brought in another restaurant that also served brunch, and it killed their business.

Mary said it took them a while to get their funds in order, and Erica just so happened to be one person who was affected by that.

She apologized for the delay. 

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