Why an NBC 5 Viewer Dropped Off $1,200 in Cash for Local Mom

Alicia Mora asked NBC 5 Responds for help when the venue she booked for her daughter's birthday party closed abruptly

Last week, we told you about a mother who paid $1800 for her daughter’s 15th birthday party.

But several months later, she learned the venue for the party had closed and the owner never refunded her the money.

Alicia Mora thought her $1,800 was long gone.

She put down a deposit at a venue in Fort Worth expecting to give her daughter the perfect Quinceañera.

But not long after, she learned Delisias Bazaar had closed.

"He (the CEO) just pretty much said he was filing for bankruptcy and that he was sorry and his lawyer would contact me in about a week," she said.

The owners never sent Mora a refund, so she called NBC 5 Responds to get her money back.

After NBC 5 Responds got involved, the former CEO of the business sent Mora $600, and said he paid her out of moral obligation.

Since the first story aired, I haven't heard back from the former CEO about the rest of Mora's money.

After all, she's still owed $1,200.

But we did hear from a viewer, who saw Mora's story and felt that he had to do something to help her.

He sent us a letter:

"I watched your program yesterday about the young girl's parents that were scammed out of $1,800 in preparation for their daughter's special birthday. The story hit a soft spot in my heart because it's absolutely awful people who work very hard to take care of their family and want to do special things for their families are taken advantage of by people who are heartless. That little girl deserves her special 15th birthday and I want to help her parents make sure that happens. I understand that they have recovered $600 for the month for the venue, so I'm going to go ahead and provide the additional $1,200 dollars."

The viewer asked to remain anonymous, but said he hoped his $1,200 donation would help put a smile on Mora and her daughter's faces.

That's now $1,800 that Mora no longer has to worry about, and the quinceañera for her daughter is back on.

"It's a blessing," Mora said. "May God bless this man. All I can say is just thank you. Thank you for everything."

If you thought that was incredible, we've also heard from local venues and vendors in North Texas who wanted to make sure the family was taken care of.

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