Virtual Reality Goggles Gaining Popularity For More Than Just Gamers

Lets face it, many of us daydream about slipping away somewhere serene to get away from it all. While we can’t hop a flight to the beach whenever we want, virtual reality is making it easier to jump into another world

You may think gaming is the best use for virtual reality goggles, but Aaron Baker with Samsung says there’s so many more uses.

“There are a lot of use cases outside of gaming and things people think of with VR,” said Baker.

Samsung makes Gear VR. They are goggles that you simply snap your Samsung cellphone in and with a few pushes of a button you’re in a whole new world.

I found a nice lake in the mountains to meditate.

There’s another program that lets you face your fears. There’s a bedroom with scary clowns or monsters trying to get you.

You’re immersed inside a room with your big fears. You’re hearing things and it feels like it’s coming from behind you.

It’s easy to forget you’re not really inside the virtual world.

There’s several different styles and brands of virtual reality goggles, working with different types of phones. Prices range anywhere from $20 to $200.

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