Tips on Getting the Most From Your Android Phone

Research shows about 70 percent of Americans have a smart phone, but do you know all the things your smartphone can do? NBC 5 Consumer Responds went to an expert at AT&T to find out how to make your Android do more for you.

First up, the floating camera button, it works on both the Samsung S9 and Note 8. You'll find it in camera settings, all the way down at the bottom, click "floating camera." When you turn it on you'll be able to move the camera button around to the best spot on the phone's screen for you.

Additionally, you can use Bixby which is Samsung’s version of Siri to help adjust the photo. Simply click the button on the bottom left hand and say "Bixby auto adjust my photo and save it."

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Bixby also uses something called Shop on Sight. Point your camera at an object in real life and tap "Shopping" to see online deals for similar items.

You can also use your camera to virtually try on makeup and skincare products.

If you are big traveler or planning on traveling, Bixby and your camera can also translate a menu or signs on the go!

Note 8 is known for the Dual Lens and Select Focus. Launch camera, swipe right for selfie mode,  swipe left and click "Selected Focus."

Next, secure files allows you to hide files and photos that may be personal, so that you will need a passcode to access the file. You can make that file invisible to other users, only you will know where it is and how to access it.

Just go to settings then click lock and security, select secure folder, to make it invisible simply tap "hide secure folder" and "ok" to confirm.

Another feature you'll want to consider is Samsung Pay. Whether you forgot your wallet at home or simply have too many credit cards to manage, mobile payments can be a huge convenience. Just hold your phone up to a compatible payment terminal to complete a transaction! Samsung Pay works even on older terminals that don't typically support mobile payments.

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