The Better Business Bureau issues a job scam alert for Texans

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The Fort Worth Better Business Bureau says job scammers are counting on desperation, but instead of paying, they're planning to steal your money.

Amy Rasor, Fort Worth BBB regional director, says there are some easy ways to spot a scam before you get taken.

"So, this is the typical way that a job scam is going to take place -- they're going have you either pay for things outright, give you a specific place to purchase so that they're getting the money and no supplies are sent," she said.

Many of those scam listings offer immediate start dates, high pay, and bonuses for jobs like data entry or package reshipment.

The BBB suggests thinking twice before applying to anything that sounds too good to be true.

If you still want reassurance, there are three things to do before you get in too deep:

  • Check with the BBB's website or do an online search to make sure the company exists and the phone number is in service
  • Search for the address of the company to make sure there is a physical location
  • Call human resources to verify the contact you're talking to works there and that the job exists

"See if that job is actually posted on the company website to see if it really is a legitimate job," said Rasor.

If you believe you are the victim of a job scam, you can report it using the BBB Scam Tracker online.

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