Switching TV or Internet Providers? Make Sure You Know Exactly What You're Getting

Whether it’s internet, cable, or cellphones companies are offering lot of incentives to convince you to switch to them.

There’s been several complaints into NBC 5 Responds recently about being promised a DVR as part of a new deal on TV service. But at installation they were told the company was all out and didn’t know when they’d get more.

One woman says her internet service was set up, but she waited three months for TV service even though she was paying for it each month.

She was promised a $250 gift card for signing up, but says the one she was actually sent just $50.

How do you avoid this? When making deals like this ask for them in writing.

Tell the agent you’re happy to sign up for new service or switch but you want all the promises and all the details of your bills sent to you in an email before you agree.

If the agent says that can’t be done --- ask for a supervisor who can help --- or visit a local customer service center and ask for the information spelled out before you sign on the dotted line.

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