Service Companies Adjust to Keep Customers and Staff Safe During Pandemic

Service companies try ‘minimal to zero contact’ to help keep staff and customers safe during COVID-19 crisis

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With so many shelter-in-place orders across north Texas and beyond, many consumers are having to work from home, having to transforms living rooms and kitchens into a personal office space.

But what happens when something breaks and you need to schedule a service repair and you’re worried about letting a stranger inside your home? Companies are working with customers to help keep them up and running and have pledged to make sure their technicians are doing everything possible to do the job safely during a public health crisis.

Companies across America have had to change the way they operate in order to keep customers happy amid the fears of spreading COVID-19.

With so many consumers forced to work from home, it’s not only added stress in a new norm but can put extra stress on keeping your home running at a new pace.

Companies like Milestone Plumbing, Electric and Air are now advertising, Zero Contact Service, a process that minimizes all person-to-person contact during in-home service calls.

“So zero contact, we want to make sure that the homeowner is comfortable with us going out into their house and that they know that we’re going to keep our distance as much as possible with the six-foot rule,” said Scott Allison, operations manager at Milestone.

In addition, Milestone says they’re closely monitoring employees and asking them to stay away if they feel sick.

“We’re also screening customers as well to make sure they haven’t been ill or experience any type of symptoms that might be potentially sending our guys into homes with infected people. And then also taking that infection into another home,” said Allison.

If you need to buy new furniture and It must be delivered, Rooms to Go is now offering something called, doorway delivery. This gives you the option to have your delivery dropped outside your home or in the doorway first entry point of your home including the garage.

In March, Dallas based, AT&T reported that customers used more than 400% more minutes in audio, web and video conferencing tools.

If you’re having issues with your Wi-Fi or TV, AT&T, Charter Communications and Frontier Communications are still making house calls.

Both AT&T and Charter Communications tell NBC 5 they try to resolve issues outside a customer's home to minimize contact but will do everything possible to keep customer's services running smoothly.

Consumers can also take extra precautions by doing the following:

  • Ask technicians to remove their shoes and put on booties so they don’t track anything inside your home.
  • You should always sanitize any areas the tech touched and if you’re one of the lucky ones who has hand sanitizer, let the repairman use some!

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