North Texan Receives Full Cruise Refund After Booker Gives Only 25%

After being denied a full refund, NBC 5 Responds helps a woman recover the total cost of her canceled trip

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The surge in COVID-19 cases over the holidays changed travel plans for many North Texans, one in particular who told NBC 5 Responds she was out hundreds of dollars after canceling her trip a little too early.

Read on to learn what happened and how this consumer found a resolution.


Peggy Ned, of Garland, was ready to set sail on a cruise to Cozumel until the latest surge in COVID-19 cases gave her pause.

“I just started thinking, I'm not really sure I want to be on a cruise ship right now,” said Ned.

In December, three weeks before the cruise, Ned said she called the third-party site she used to book her trip in order to cancel.

She received a 25% refund based on the cancelation fee schedule.

Just a few hours after Ned’s call, Carnival Cruise Line announced it would offer 100% refunds or the option to rebook for guests who weren’t comfortable sailing for cruises through Jan. 14, 2022, an option that was later extended to Jan. 31.

Ned said she contacted the third-party site again.

“You don't qualify, you get your 25% back and that's it. I just thought this isn't right,” Ned told NBC 5 Responds.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Carnival Cruise Line and

Carnival told NBC 5 Responds it reviewed Ned’s request and provided a full refund.

“I emailed you, you responded right away, and then like 24 hours later, I'm getting a call from Carnival. I was amazed. So, thank you,” said Ned. said it initially denied the full refund request because Carnival’s offer was not in place when Ned called. said it’s refunding Ned a $100 cancelation fee and a $24.99 processing fee.


If you used a third-party site or travel agent to book and have a question about refunds, Carnival told NBC 5 Responds it’s best to reach out to that third party first.

The Federal Maritime Commission also offers a free mediation service for certain cruise-related disputes.

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