New Medicare Cards Are in the Mail and Crooks Are on the Job

New Medicare cards are in the mail to seniors across Texas. The cards are being replaced to remove social security numbers and protect the identity of seniors. But there are already crooks out there using the new cards as a way to pull a fast one on seniors.

The big difference is that your social security number has been removed and replaced with this new series of numbers and letters that’s how doctors will identify you.

Congress ordered this change to help provide some identity protection for seniors.

Now crooks are trying one more thing to get their hands on your information.

Calls are coming in where a stranger tells you that new medicare cards are on the way, but you'll need to give personal information like your social security number to activate it.

“Medicare will not do that. They will not contact you by phone. They will not contact you via email. They have all the information," said Maureen McIntyre, an advocate for senior citizens.

Medicare recipients don’t have to do anything to get these new cards. They’re being mailed automatically by the Social Security Administration and they tell NBC 5 Responds those cards are starting to be mailed in Texas right now.

Once you get your card, shred or tear up the old one. It’s your best protection to make sure it doesn’t wind up in the wrong hands.

CLICK HERE for more information to help you prepare for the change on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

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