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NBC 5 Responds Helps Viewer Get Refund After Waiting More Than a Year

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When you buy a new appliance but it breaks shortly after, you should be able to get it fixed or request a refund. But NBC 5 Responds found the pandemic has caused delays with parts making a fast fix impossible.

In early 2020, Richardson resident, Pete Elfrink purchased a new countertop microwave from Sears.

“At the time my husband was still with me and he liked junk food, so he was always eating something that needed to be cooked in the microwave,” said Elfrink.

Several months later, it stopped working.

“It did everything except heat,” Elfrink told NBC 5 Responds.

In June, a repairman confirmed that the heating element needed to be replaced. Sears told Elfrink her options were to either wait for parts to be available or pick another microwave from the same brand and pay the difference in price. The problem was, everything she saw was more expensive.

Elfrink spent months going back and forth with Sears. She asked for a refund but was told that wasn’t an option and to wait.

NBC 5 Responds

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The Richardson resident waited more than a year.

“I have a whole file here of calls that I made”, said Elfrink.

Tired of getting the runaround, Elfrink contacted NBC 5 Responds for help.

NBC 5 Responds contacted Sears, and, in a statement, they wrote, “At Sears, the satisfaction of our members and customers is our top priority. We regret that there was an error regarding Ms. Elfrink’s countertop microwave. For a variety of reasons, Sears only repairs built-in, over-the-range microwaves and does not repair countertop microwaves. This should have been communicated to her from the outset. We have provided Ms. Elfrink with a refund for the cost she paid for her countertop microwave, which she can use toward the purchase of a new model. We regret the inconvenience and delay.”

A short time later, they offered Ms. Elfrink a full refund of $225.15.

The pandemic has caused many delays with parts to make repairs and shipping delays to get brand new appliances. If you have a problem, our Consumer Team is here to help. You can fill out the complaint form online here.

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