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NBC 5 Responds Gets Couple Full Refund for Trip Canceled by Company

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Stacy Guillaume of Hurst was excited to book an all-inclusive trip to Cancun with her husband to celebrate finishing her master’s degree. Wanting to get a good deal, they booked through Priceline.com.

Stacy said, “It was a package deal with flights and hotel, and it was a great deal, we thought because we booked it so early.”

They paid in full for a package with airfare and a hotel with a master suite. Four months later, Guillaume received a message from Priceline saying, the hotel didn't have their room available and booked them in another room. Guillaume said, “They gave us an option to take that room and they’ll give us a 25% discount, or we could cancel the trip.”

Ultimately, Guillaume chose to cancel and booked the trip with another company. However, the refund offered by Priceline was much less than what she initially paid. Priceline told her the airfare portion was non-refundable. She told Priceline, “I understand that, however, I’m not canceling on you. This was not MY error. This was Priceline’s error.”

Guillaume contacted NBC 5 Responds for help. 

Guillaume says, “Not only was that really stressing us financially but the excitement of getting to celebrate finishing my bachelor’s and master’s degree last year was gone.”

NBC 5 Responds contacted Priceline on Stacy’s behalf, and shortly after Stacy received a refund for the full amount, including airfare, of $1,175.79.

NBC 5 Responds

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Very grateful for the outcome, Guillaume said, “Thank goodness my husband reached out to NBC 5. Oh my gosh, what a blessing.”

There are ways to avoid problems like this when booking with travel sites. It’s a good idea to confirm with the airline and the hotel, to make sure your reservations are accurate. Be sure to read the refund policy also, should you or the company have to cancel.

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