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NBC 5 Helps Student With Request for Letter Jacket Order Refund

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High school seniors will soon get ready for graduation, ordering yearbooks and letter jackets. One North Texas student had some trouble getting what they ordered last spring.

Theresa Anderson, a teacher in North Dallas, contacted NBC 5 Responds when one of her students didn't receive a letter jacket ordered from Jostens.

Anderson told NBC 5 Responds that when she reached out to the company, a customer service representative couldn't find the order form. The student, who paid cash, saved a photo of the signed order form and requested a refund.

When it didn't come in, Anderson reached out to NBC 5 Responds and Jostens issued a refund of $107.

Jostens told NBC 5 Responds it tried to issue the refund sooner, but the refund check mailed to the student was returned undeliverable a month later.

In an email to NBC 5 Responds, Brandon Potts, Vice President and General Manager at Jostens wrote, "Customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Jostens, so we regret we were unable to locate the order form the student submitted to our representative during his 2019 visit to Hillcrest High School. Our representative who has served DFW area schools for more than 40 years attempted to refund the student's money when it was requested by mailing a check to the address she provided. The envelope with the check inside was returned a month later as undeliverable. The student had provided the wrong address. Our representative emailed both the student's teacher, Theresa Anderson, and the student's mother to let them know about the returned envelope, yet he received no response. We are grateful to the NBC 5 Responds team for joining our efforts and for also making multiple attempts to reach the student's teacher and for securing the correct mailing address. We reissued the check, and we are happy to report the student cashed it." 

It's good practice to hang onto your receipts or a photo of an order form. If an order doesn't come when you expect it, reach out to the company right away.

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