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How We Helped a Driver Get a Resolution in Toll Road Billing Dispute

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Leonora Bucklin of Dallas learned she was charged for tolls on a car she no longer owned. She said she went to the North Texas Tollway Authority’s website to dispute the charges, but her submissions were denied eight times.

That’s when she reached out to NBC 5 Responds.

In an email, Bucklin wrote, in part, "After I called NBC 5 Responds, I was connected with a wonderful woman who came to my rescue and got me connected to the right person.”

That person was an NTTA ombudsman. The program promises to review customer concerns in an impartial manner if a consumer can’t get a resolution through customer service.

You can get in touch with an ombudsman by phone at 469.801.3662 or NTTAOmbudsman@ntta.org

The ombudsman assigned to Bucklin helped resolve the charges which totaled $1,664.82.

NBC 5 Responds is committed to researching your concerns and recovering your money. Our goal is to get you answers and, if possible, solutions and a resolution. Call us at 844-5RESPND (844-573-7763) or fill out our customer complaint form.

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