How to Replace Lost COVID-19 Vaccination Cards

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If your COVID-19 vaccination card is lost or damaged, how can you get a replacement? You may be asked to show the card to get a second dose or to book travel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of State Health Services say your first stop should be the provider who gave you the shot.

If you visited a temporary vaccination hub, here’s where to start your search.

Dallas County

Dallas County says its appointment and scheduling vendor, Luminare, is working on a way to allow people to download their vaccination record.

In the meantime, you can email with your name and date of birth. Ask Dallas County Health and Human Services staff for help with a replacement card or vaccination record.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County Public Health says you can request a replacement card at its main office at 1101 S Main Street in Fort Worth.

There is a $9 charge for a replacement card - cash or check only.

Tarrant County says its worth asking your doctor for help with a vaccine record.

Every vaccine provider is required to enter vaccine information into the state’s registry. Healthcare providers should have access to the record.

Collin County

Collin County Health Care Services says individuals should contact the provider that administered the vaccine to get a replacement. People could also contact the health department or any other provider with access to the Texas Immunization Registry for documentation of the administration.

If you received your vaccine through Curative Medication Associates, Curative said there are limited vaccination cards available. Curative can email a record of the vaccination.

You can reach the Curative Medical Associates Helpdesk by email: or phone 1-888-702-9042.

Denton County

Denton County Public Health says if you lose a vaccine card between your first and second doses, you can ask for another card at your second dose.

If you lose the card after your second dose, you can call its call center and staff will either mail a replacement card or hold one for pick up at no charge. You can reach Denton County Public Health at 940-349-2585.


CVS tells NBC 5 Responds, a record of the vaccine received and date administered is available to patients in the CVS Pharmacy app or online. Patients will need to create an account to access their records.

A CVS pharmacy team member can also print a vaccine record reflecting the date of administration and vaccine administered.


A Walgreens corporate spokesperson tells NBC 5 Responds Walgreens maintains digital copies of patient vaccination records and can verify vaccination status on behalf of patients.

Walgreens says its verifiable digital dose card will be available in May to anyone who received their COVID-19 vaccine from Walgreens. It will be accessible through the myWalgreens website and app.

Texas Department of State Health Services

Texas Department of State Health Services says all providers will have access to their vaccination records through the state registry, ImmTrac2.

People should go to either their original provider or any other local provider and ask them to look up their record and either print the record out or fill out a new card for the patient.

If the person does not go to the original provider to receive their second dose, that new provider should also be able to look up the record through ImmTrac2.

Out-of-state vaccine registries

If you traveled outside Texas for a vaccine, here’s a list of each state vaccine registry to help start your search.

Should you laminate your card?

The CDC and state haven’t weighed in on whether it's a good idea to laminate vaccination cards. Some say the lamination process can damage the card or prevent booster information from being recorded later.

Another option? Laminate a copy of the vaccination card and store the original in a safe place.

Just about every provider also recommends taking a photo of your card so a record is handy on your phone.

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