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Hotels Say Rooms Advertised for Hundreds Per Night Are Not Accurate

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Finding a hotel room in North Texas is nearly impossible this week as dangerously cold weather and power outages increase demand. But some hotels show rooms are available for as much as $767 a night. NBC 5 Responds reached out to hotels and the Texas Attorney General’s Office to find out why consumers are seeing these prices during a disaster.

At least one hotel said the $299 a night rate that is shown on a third-party booking site wasn’t accurate. The hotel said it didn't have any rooms available and the rooms occupied were booked for $99 a night this week.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to another hotel chain with a screengrab of a room offered for $767 for Feb. 15. The hotel said that the location was out of power and rates may have temporarily fluctuated as it closed out its inventory and stopped accepting reservations.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) issued a disaster declaration for winter weather in Texas last Friday. When that happens (and when a federal disaster is declared), it’s illegal to sell necessities like fuel, groceries, medicine and hotel rooms for an excessive price.

The attorney general’s office said high prices on their own don’t necessarily indicate price gouging has occurred.

If you believe a business has raised prices to take advantage of the disaster, you can file a complaint here.

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A spokesperson for Ken Paxton's office said receipts, screengrabs and photos of advertisements are helpful in filing a complaint but not required.

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